inspare® product management databases for the automotive aftermarket
The automotive aftermarket is an increasingly fast-paced market: ever shorter model life cyclesa nd changing legal frameworks as well as

data standards required to capture these developments create an environment of constantly changing conditions, to which manufacturers

and suppliers of automotive parts have to adapt continually. Compliance with catalogue platforms such as TecDoc requires the implementation

of special internal processes.

To brave these challenges, an effective product management system must be in place, at the heart of which lies a sophisticated product

database management as the only viable option for automotive aftermarket participants to ensure sustained success on this highly competitive

market. Maximising available resources is a fundamental step towards sustained business success.

Only by deploying suitable tools, can a company gain a cutting edge over its competitors and keep pace with the rapid innovation cycles typical

of automotive industry.

Inspare GmbH specialises in the development of dynamic and media-independent product database management systems designed for the

independent automotive aftermarket. The database offers ease of data maintenance and comprehensive analysis features along with full TecDoc

compliance, making the inspare® software the ideal media-independent tool for complete and quick publishing of product management information.